Political Activities

Bernard Schwartz has been an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party all his life. He traces his allegiance to his earliest years when he listened to stories about his grandfather’s involvement with Tammany Hall. The Schwartz family “inherited” that zeal for the Party, its bedrock ideals and its humanity.  The tradition continues to this day.

Mr. Schwartz demonstrates his party loyalty via his support of Democratic Party institutions, his investment in progressive organizations that refine and promote policies compatible with Democratic principles, and his interaction with and financial support for current or potential candidates for office whose agendas he respects. He has authored numerous op-ed pieces and delivered speeches that encapsulate his belief that the Democratic Party is truly the party of the people.

In his autobiography, Just Say Yes, Mr. Schwartz states that he is “an angry Democrat…but a Democrat nonetheless.  I don’t hate Republicans or think they are crazy. What they believe in – smaller national government, limited governmental participation in peoples’ lives, smaller budgets and expenditures, a lack of restrictions on industry, a strong defense but limited international involvement –are all reasonable objectives they just don’t happen to be mine. I believe in individual freedom, equal opportunity, the dignity of the individual, the social contract and government responsibility for investments in personal development, and, yes, the national infrastructure – ideals that are better served, in my experience, by the Democratic Party.”

Over the years, by virtue not only of his monetary support of the Democratic Party but also because of the meticulously researched policy suggestions he’s championed, Mr. Schwartz has developed strong ties to leading legislators and influencers at the highest levels of government. He maintains an active schedule of one-on-one and group meetings with Party leaders, sometimes as a featured participant or as a host.  Seasoned politicians and new-to-the-game candidates seek his counsel, his encouragement, and his optimism about America’s future. Having spent all of his adult life as an adherent to Democratic principles, Mr. Schwartz has the experience, the insight and the ideas to constructively participate in and enrich the national conversation.