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Mr. Schwartz and his family have established educational programs at three institutes of higher learning in New York City.


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Founder of Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute

New York City

In 1997, Bernard Schwartz founded the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute at Baruch College in New York City.
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The idea for the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute came from Mr. Schwartz’s firm belief in communications as an important part of business and to set communications curriculum into a wide range of academic programs, from business to science to the arts.

The Institute employs a coordinated effort to encourage students to see themselves as communicators, to value the importance of communicating their ideas well and to gain a respect for the differences among the various modes of expression at play in academic and professional environments.

The Institute helps students become lifelong practitioners of good communications through a curriculum of specially designed, communications-intensive courses that emphasize at least two of three modes of communication: writing, speaking and computer-mediated communication. Communications fellows, academic professionals skilled in developing communication intensive activities, assist faculty members and students across various academic disciplines. In addition, the Business Advisory Council (BAC), a panel of leading executives and professionals in a variety of fields, provide valuable support through classroom observations and presentations on the importance of effective communication to success in business.

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Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy and Education

New York City

In 2009, Bernard Schwartz established Fordham University's Bernard L. Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy and Education, a new initiative devoted primarily to studying America’s embattled newsgathering traditions and investigating solutions for their survival. The Center is led by educator, author, and former public television executive Dr. William F. Baker.

The center has already hosted seminars and sponsored publications on new business models for newspapers, media audience research, and effective non-profit management strategies, and has entered into a partnership with the Juilliard School to offer a course called, "Understanding the Profession: The Performing Arts in the 21st Century."

Reflecting both its broad mandate and the wide-ranging interests of Dr. Baker, the Claudio Aquaviva Chair and Journalist in Residence at Fordham's Graduate School of Education, the center will work to advance a wide range of projects.

Drawing on Baker’s twenty plus years of public media experience, both with New York’s WNET and at the national level, the Schwartz Center will research and promote the potential role of public broadcasting in preserving the professional gathering and reporting of news.  Read More

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New York City

Bernard Schwartz is vice chairman of the board of Trustees and has established and sponsors a number of programs and events at The New School, a progressive university located in Greenwich Village.

Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis and Chair in Economics and Policy

The Center is the economic policy research arm of The New School for Social Research Department of Economics. The activities of the Schwartz Center focus on three issues: economic growth, employment, and inequality. Its focus is on the U.S. economy, but always with an awareness of the global context of U.S. economic developments.

The Schwartz Center is led by Irene and Bernard L. Schwartz Professor of Economics and Policy Analysis Teresa Ghilarducci, who joined The New School after 25 years as a professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame and 10 years as director of the Higgins Labor Research Center at the university.

In 2015, thanks to the generosity of Bernard Schwartz, SCEPA launched the Retirement Equity Lab (ReLab) to address America's growing retirement crisis. Focusing on research, collaboration and outreach, the center has already made its mark in advancing a comprehensive and effective policy solution to ensure working Americans can retire.

Bernard and Irene Schwartz Commons at The New School.

The Schwartz Commons open in 2014 in The New School's new University Center, the academic anchor at the heart of the university's Greenwich Village campus. Located on the second floor of the University Center overlooking 14th Street, the Schwartz Commons is The New School's largest dining facility and a key gathering space for the university community.

Bernard and Irene Schwartz Merit Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded annually to incoming freshman students who are in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need. The scholarship is awarded to students for four years provided they maintain academic excellence throughout their tenure at the New School's Eugene Lang College.