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The Schwartz family has elected to support two preeminent teaching medical universities that lead the field in the research and the development of innovative medical techniques and procedures.




New York City

Bernard Schwartz has been an active and dedicated Trustee of NYU Medical Center for more than 30 years, demonstrating a remarkable devotion to the institution.

Most recentlly, Mr. Schwartz pledged $4.8 million to NYU's School of Medicine to establish the Bernard and Irene Schwartz Gastrointestinal Oncology Fellowship Program and the Bernard and Irene Schwartz Professorship in Gastrointestinal Oncology. These programs are under the direction of Dr. Lawrence Leichman. He has also pledged $5 million to the medical school to establish the Bernard and Irene Schwartz Venous Thromboembolic Disease Center (VTEC) under the direction of Dr. Thomas Maldonado.

In 2007, Mr. Schwartz established the Bernard and Irene Schwartz Center for Biomedical Imaging, one of the world's premier imaging research centers. Dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research in biomedical imaging, the Center's mission is the discovery of new applications of high-field magnetic resonance and high speed CT, the training of tomorrow's leaders in biomedical imaging research, and the development of new frontiers in radiology.

In 2004, through Mr. Schwartz's support, the NYU Department of Radiology created The Bernard and Irene Schwartz Neurointerventional Radiology Center. This facility establishes the foundation for an ever-expanding venture in interventional neuroradiology. State-of-the-art technology allows minimally invasive procedures in place of traditional neurosurgery, ensuring the safety, comfort, and faster recovery of our patients. Additionally, this facility will allow the development and implementation of endovascular devices and innovative procedures.

Bernard Schwartz's support also includes The Bernard Schwartz Program in Structural Biology and The Bernard Schwartz Program in Humanistic Medicine in the Skirball Institute for Biomolecular Research, as well as gifts to the hospital's capital improvement program, various special events, research at the Hospital for Joint Diseases and the Departments of Dermatology and Urology.

Mr. Schwartz's ongoing support and commitment to NYU School of Medicine's special event projects and outreach efforts over the years have enhanced the facility's opportunities to provide exceptional service to many.

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For more than decade beginning in 1995, Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz provided funding for a number of programs at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, one of our nation's most prestigious medical hospitals and teaching universities.

They supported the Brady Dietary Study Program and the Walsh Prostate Cancer Research Fund and established the Brady Distinguished Chair/Schwartz Scholar as well as the Schwartz Distinguished Professorship in Urologic Oncology.

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